About the use of organization embedding cassette and matters needing attention


1. Put the tissue block in the disposable embedding cassette with the tissue number written on it, cover the dewatering box (stainless steel), and put it into the dewatering basket into the dewatering machine or manually dewatering.

2.Store the embedded bottom die in the lower layer of the oven (or in a separate layer).

3.During embedding, the removed tissue together with the dehydration basket is placed in the same oven with the embedding bottom die. Open the lid of the dewatering box, put the lid aside, select the embedded bottom mold according to the size of the tissue block, heat it on the alcohol lamp with tweezers, clamp the tissue block and put it in the bottom mold, and cover it with the disposable embedded box with the tissue block number written on the dehydrated tissue, dump a little paraffin wax, so as not to overflow, and leave it for a short time.

4.Take out the ice box in the freezer, place the embedded wax block in the ice box and freeze it for about 5 min10 min. The time is short in winter and longer in summer.

5.The embedded bottom mold and the dehydrating box cover are sorted and put into the oven for standby. The dehydrating box cover is put into the dehydrating basket, and the wax can be flushed away with hot water before the next use.

This method not only benefits the preservation of wax block, but also saves paraffin.


(1)The cover of the disposable embedding cassette is composed of a dehydration box.

(2) If there is no refrigerator, the newly embedded unformed wax block and the bottom mold can be placed at room temperature for a longer time, and the formed wax block can be removed from the bottom mold.

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Post time: Jun-07-2021